Town of Taos, New Mexico
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What type of records are NOT Town of Taos records?

*THESE RECORDS ARE NOT TOWN RECORDS*Please visit the Taos County Clerk and look on the...

What information is already online for me to view?

Please click on the links below for more information. Town Council AgendasTown Council...

What types of records are Town public records?

A public record is any record containing information relating to the conduct of government business,...

What is the cost?

Hard copies 11x17 or smaller: the first three pages are free and $1.00 per page thereafter; faxes...

Response time to my IPRA request

Pursuant to IPRA, we will provide you a response within three working days after your request.

Where can I get a copy of a motor vehicle crash report?

Please see Motor Vehicle Crash Report. 

How can I get approved to use the Inter-Agency Request System for Records Requests?

You must submit your agency's letterhead and documentation when you create your account. A member of...

Can an agency have more than one member account?

Yes, for every individual requesting records and account will be created for the specific agency.

How long will it take for my account to be approved?

Your account will be approved with 5-7 days. 

If I do not have an Inter-Agency account can I still request records?

No. You must be authenticated to receive access to the Inter-Agency Request Center. If you have any...